General guidelines

  • Clean the property (mop hard floors, vacuum carpet, clean windows as well as countertops)
  • Turn OFF TVs, computer screens, etc.
  • Turn ON lights and lamps; replace any burnt out light bulbs and make sure they are of the same temperature
  • Make all beds
  • Remove your personal photographs (sorry!)
  • Open blinds to let the daylight in
  • Hide all shoes, jackets, and clothes in closets


  • Clear countertops and remove mail as well as any unnecessary (or dirty!) chopping boards, baking supplies, etc.
  • Leave out small appliance such as toaster, coffee maker, or kettle
  • Remove dishes from kitchen sink
  • Hide rubbish bins in closet
  • Clear the outside of fridge of magnets and notes

Dining Room

  • Clear and polish dining table
  • Remove any child seats
  • Straighten all chairs and space them evenly
  • Use decorative table setting if possible

Living Room

  • Remove stacks of magazines, newspapers, and mail
  • Remove any children’s toys
  • Arrange furniture
  • Fluff cushions and pillows

Master Bedroom

  • Make bed (make sure bed linens are ironed); include decorative cushions if possible
  • Clear bedside tables of all personal items; hide phone or tablet charging cables
  • Remove family photos
  • Clear top of dressers of any clutter
  • Clean under bed, making sure you remove items that may show in the photos


  • Clear countertops completely; don’t leave any toothbrushes, soaps, medications, shampoos, etc.
  • Put toilet seats down and close all closet doors
  • Remove floor mats
  • Remove dirty towels and leave out only new, unused ones

Services photographers not providing

  • Moving or rearranging furniture
  • Making beds, cleaning, or decluttering
  • “Photoshopping” walls, decorations, clean floors or windows
  • Touching personal bathroom supplies such as shampoos, toothbrushes, towels


We understand that some steps may not always be applicable or possible. Still, the more you do to prepare your property for a photo shoot in advance, the better the result!

PDF Download:
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