Your brand image is the heart and face of your business. Make it stand out!

Making the first good impression is crucial in business and you cannot work around it. To attract the attention of your potential clients, you need to be fresh, innovative yet professional and trustworthy. At Unicoo, we take the time to get to know you in order to propose the most suitable design solution for your company.

Our goal is to set your business apart and we do that through custom-made logo, branding solution, business stationery, and website design. We can take care of your company image from A to Z, making it coherent, impactful, easily recognised and remembered. We will produce a few premium designs for you to choose from, and then you are good to launch.



Tell your clients who and what you are in a way that inspires their confidence!

Creating and defining the image of your business is never an easy task. One of the best ways to do it is to convey a message through professional photos (a photo speaks a thousand words!). In order to sell your business, you need photos that present you as you would like to be, creating an image that appeals to clients you cater for. It is not only about well-lit shots — they have to be active and energetic, communicating you are a great person to do business with.

At Unicoo, we know (well, Alex does!) what makes a great photo and how to promote your business with it. Let us help! We are doing the following: corporate portraits, real estate/property photography & construction site reports, food photography, product photography, panoramic tours, fashion/show photography, time-lapse photography, events.


Video Marketing works wonders and everyone talks about it. Don’t be left behind!

Business videography is said to have an amazing potential for any business. To begin with, we all prefer watching to reading, don’t we? We simply become emotionally attached to a video rather than an article. In other words, video content is much more engaging than any text, and client engagement means better conversion!

A video is also easily absorbed, and it helps your potential clients understand what you do and whether your product or service would fit their needs. Within a few minutes or seconds you can tell your story and keep the client intrigued so that they want to see more of you. No, no! It doesn’t sound too good to be true! This is how we roll! Give us a shout and let us help you with one of the following: business promo video, corporate events coverage, hotel/restaurant video, interview, company portfolio, or social media content.


Finding a perfect product is a huge paint. Don’t make it hard for your clients to find you!

The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results! Funny as it sounds, it reveals one of the biggest marketing truths. Your business has to be visible online for your clients to find you and buy from you. But our promotion services are not only about placing your website on the first page of Google search results.

We also want to promote you as an expert in your field so that once you reach your potential customers, you will be able to establish a meaningful relationship with them and keep them loyal. How do we do that? Through a complete marketing solution including search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign, Social Media campaign, Pay Per Click campaign, and Content Marketing strategy tailored to your business profile.

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