Real Estate Video and Photos - Temza Project

A series of photo-shoots and a promotional video for TEMZA, a company specialising in residential alterations and extensions. Luxurious and cosy as they were, some of the rooms we were asked to photograph felt rather small – our goal was to make them look as appealing as possible. We also had to time all the photo shoots to coincide with projects taking place across London. Having collected the best of the best shots, we compiled them into one spectacular cherry-on-top video.


First and foremost, we organised a calendar of TEMZA projects to know what and when they would be working on. This way, we could be there both during the works and upon the completion to show some behind-the-scene bits and pieces as well as the final effect. We focused on capturing bright objects and decorations to make the rooms look as neat and elegant as they do in real life. Finally, we used wide-angle lenses in order to make all the rooms look spacious and cosy. Now, don’t tell us you wouldn’t like to live in one of those houses!