team@one - service explanation

One of 12 quality videos promoting Team@One – the first in England virtual office that offers a comprehensive range of business consulting services in one place. We were asked to create engaging videos that would explain how the company works and how they help small and medium businesses enter the market with success. The main goal was to keep the videos smart and simple not to overload the viewers with too much information, but, at the same time, to give them a good understanding of what they can expect from working with Team@One. Organising the shoots around the company’s schedule was also a challenge, but we made it and we made it well!


A good video can explain a concept better than a thousand words! This is exactly what we were after. We wanted to make the videos as comprehensive and interesting as possible. To that end, we used two 4K camcorders with external audio source, thanks to which we ended up with a high-resolution, dynamic video with high quality sound. We also used studio lamps in order to take control of changing ambient light. The entire project took us 3 days and we must admit – it was a great fun! The videos were then posted on the company’s facebook page and hit record-breaking engagement. That’s what you call great Social Media presence!