theo's food - product video

Enjoy this mouth-watering video made for Theo’s — a food company that is committed to delivering healthy and nutritious recipes. The video was meant to show that you can still prepare a delicious breakfast or snack even though you have very little in your fridge. Bread, spinach, chicken and pepper… Boring? Not at all! Together with the help of Radek, a professional cook who handles the knife like no one else, we did our best in order to create a cheerful video promoting fresh products and healthy lifestyle. And boy(!) did we get hungry in the meantime!


Our goal was to create a video that would make the audience run to the fridge and prepare some healthy snack for themselves, and then google where in London they could find Theo’s. And so we hired a studio, turned it into a kitchen, and made sure it looked homey. We stocked up on fresh products and then Radek did the magic. We used mainly wide-angled lens to capture every move of the cook and make the video dynamic. There are also a few shots showing freshly made sandwiches in all their glory. Now, isn’t your mouth watering?