Event Video Project - Brands Hatch Track Day

This extremely dynamic video was created for Milestone Superbikes, a company specialising in renting… surprise, surprise… superbikes! We were invited to take part in Brands Hatch Track Day not only to feel the speed and the adrenaline, but also to show it in a video! Excited as we were, that wasn’t an easy day. The weather was awful (England, baby!), and we had to stay behind the barriers most of the time so it took some muscles to get great shots. Well, but we wouldn’t be Unicoo if, we hadn’t done our utmost!


The idea was to create a powerful video, showing what it means to drive like crazy and have loads of fun at the same time. We used telephoto lenses, which allowed us to stay at a distance and still get the best shots. We also obtained a permission to get inside the garage, where we had a chance to capture smiley faces of the participants as well as the way they prepared themselves before the race. Towards the end, we pulled an ace from up the sleeve – an action camera attached to the back of one of the bikes that captured the speed, bikers’ skills and… an accident (Not to worry! The guy came out of it unscathed!). During the editing process, we removed shaky footage and enriched the colours, making the racing track look more vibrant than it really was.