We are the first in London creative agency that combines the talent of professionals and the innovations of the future

Do you remember your old teachers back at high school or Uni? Ancient prunes, who were burnt out and used medieval teaching methods! Now think of your young tutors. The ones with fresh ideas, individual approach, and open minds… They were absolute wizards! This is what makes us so different from all the old digital marketing agencies, whose prime days are long gone. We are young, creative and innovation-driven. And on top of that we are passionate about what we do! Could you get any better than that?

Each and every one of us is an expert in their field, and we do not work with jacks-of-all-trades (to know everything is to know nothing!). Whether that is a photography, social media or content marketing job, it is always taken care of by a specialist so that in the end we can deliver a polished project. We join our forces quite much like the Captain Planet (we should consider changing the name!). We all have experience running our own business, so we are perfectly aware of how important the client is. Last but not least, we are all different, which generates loads of ideas for your project, the best one being chosen, discussed with you and realised.

Here’s why working with us is like a warm hug. Not according to us… According to our clients!



Experience is not only about time you spend doing something. It is about being on the outside of the product, being remarkable, being genuine. Even though we have 10 years of experience in digital marketing, what really matters is that we have been passionate about what we do ever since we can remember.


It is not a coincidence. We do not trade quality for speed (Heavens forbid!). Our experience and state-of-the-art equipment simply lets us deliver your complete digital marketing solution on time and to the highest standards you can imagine. We always plan the entire process ahead, so you will get the exact completion time. Hey! Don’t look so surprised!


Nothing kills digital marketing as much as ideas taken from centuries BC. Our team lives in the present and looks far into the future. We keep up with all the innovations and trends in photography, videography, marketing, social media, which gives us the edge in this competitive market. There is a great chance that we already know and use equipment and techniques our neighbours have no idea about!


Our client is our number one priority. The job is not done until you are 100% satisfied with it. We welcome your comments at any stage of the project, and there are no requests, no matter how unusual, that would scare us away… Bring on the challenge and watch us nail it!


They say that you are whom you surround yourself with. Well, we are professionals and so we treat our clients, for there is no other way for this to work. We treat our deadlines, promises and our customers seriously, because without you we wouldn’t be where we are now! As simple as that!


Time is money and money is time — you can save both by working with us. We weren’t born yesterday, and we know how it feels to be let down by someone on the other side. That is why, we do our utmost to deliver your project on time and be there to do a photo shoot at the exact time when you need us. We are simply responsive guys who are just being responsive.


Fun facts

Ideas per second
Projects done
Happy Clients


The power is in people’s hands to work wonders and perform miracles



A poser, who turns coffee and pizza into amazing designs. He cries every time someone stretches a font.



A friendly guy who always wants to buy more cameras, lenses, editing tools and props. Born to shoot, but forced to work.


Social media specialist

A cheeky lady, who loves being online, socialising, and networking. Goes crazy when her witty statuses receive no likes.



A badass, who writes with no fear and edits with no mercy. Experiences a writer’s block when her imaginary friends refuse to talk to her.


A big thank you to those who believed in us and experienced our excellence.


Four wizards and six services that will make your brand image as magic as ever


Branding has to be in your blood. This is why the person in charge is Chris — a geek who has been crazy about logos and designs ever since he was a kid. For him, creating a branding strategy is like giving a new life to a company, and his favourite game is “Guess Brand Logos”. Freak! Isn’t he?


Photography is all about light they say. They are right! Thanks heaven, we have among us a person like Alex, who always wanted to be a photographer and is madly in love with cameras (another freak, huh?). His super power is getting the best shots by adjusting the light… any light!


Our videography services wouldn’t be so awesome without Alex and his supernatural talent to turn a recorded material into a witty, viral video content. Thanks to custom-made audio/video sync, his videos can interest the most demanding viewers, even if the topic is accounting!

Web Design

Ever since he had Internet installed back in 1999, he has been observing how this technological miracle (his words!) has been changing. He always wanted to be a part of it. Ta-daa! As a web designer, he is one of those who decide how websites look, work and change!

Social Marketing

They say that if you do what you love you do not have to work a single day in your life. Lucky Natalia! She has turned her addiction into passion and passion into knowledge. Now she is running successful social media campaigns for our clients.


Content Marketing is about demonstrating your value, reaching your clients and creating meaningful relationships with them through curated content. We do not know anyone else who would do that as well as Natalia. With years of experience and academic training, she finds it easy to turn your story into a viral content.